About Meggie

Meggie Tolkland

Meggie truly is a Midwestern writer: She grew up in Southern Indiana, home of crazy-good barbecue, and attended the University of Minnesota-Minneapolis. She now lives in the Indiana suburbs of Chicago. Kate Collins of Valparaiso, IN, the best-selling author of cozy mysteries, taught her to write, and Meggie signed with the hot new Asteria Books of Indianapolis. Meggie’s books reflect her love of her Midwestern roots.

Of course, no writer’s bio would be complete without a cat; Meggie shares her home with an American Eclectic (alley cat), who looks like the Cheshire Cat but is eerily friendly. Meggie’s hobbies are baking, decorating and making her home a cozy haven. She also likes visiting Chicagoland’s great museums, zoos and theaters. She enjoys working out, hiking and wearing just a touch of the latest fashions.

Connect with Meggie on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Goodreads.


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